At DEVIN GEM®, we use Moonstones in nearly every piece of our jewellery designs because Moonstones are meant to bring you good fortune!

Every gemstone chosen for our designs tells a story...

Amazonite - hope

Amethyst - calm & peace

Apatite - imagination & intuition

Aquamarine - peace & courage

Aventurine - heal the heart

Black / Grey Quartz - protection

Black Onyx - release negativity

Blue Lace Agate - confidence

Blue Peru - stress relief

Blue Topaz - leadership

Chalcedony - generosity & trust

Citrine - abundance & wealth

Clear Quartz - positivity & patience

Emerald - Friendship

Lemon Quartz - creativity & optimism

Moonstone - brings good fortune

Pearl - purity & innocence

Peridot - compassion

Pink Opal - happy dreams

Prehnite - protection

Rose Quartz - unconditional love

Snow Quartz - wisdom

Every authentic DEVIN GEM® piece (with the exception of earrings) is finished with a hand-stamped, 24kt gold-plated sterling silver signature tag. Our jewellery arrives to the recipient in a luxurious black velvet pouch and gift boxed with ribbon. (Some items are shipped flat to help reduce costs to you, and will be listed as such in the product description.)